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"We were blessed to have Christina and Amy's support during those first few months after the birth of our darling daughter. They were deeply nurturing, patient and supportive in helping us learn how to take care of a newborn and succeed with breastfeeding. In addition, by taking care of many of our daily tasks, they created space for us to simply enjoy and get to know our baby girl. Their support was truly invaluable, and we are so grateful to have them as part of our family!"



"Honestly, at first, I thought that we were hiring Christina and Amy for my husband. I knew the labor and delivery of our first baby would be tough for me, but I thought he needed the extra support, maybe even more than I did.

Christina and Amy were wonderful, with both of us. They gently prepared us for the unpredictable in a caring and reassuring way. They helped us feel like all of our bases were covered, even though we had no idea what was about to transpire. 

Then it happened, the baby was coming. All of our plans went out the window - Amy and Christina were there right there with us.  They were ready to roll with all of the various situations that arose - and there were many.  They hung in there with us, through the delivery, teaching me about breastfeeding, how to care for our newborn daughter and how to remember to care for myself. They later came back and helped out with sleep training - that was invaluable, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

From the moment we met Christina, and she agreed to be our birth doula, we both felt more calm. When she explained her working relationship with Amy, it just seemed that the mutual support they give to each other, would also work out best for us - and it did. At a time that it is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed, I felt like I had the wisdom of a team of expert sisters (they could also call on any number of other doulas for support if needed), with a wide range of knowledge, willing to listen to, and help with, anything that came up. They would communicate with each other about our particular situations, troubleshoot amongst themselves and show up informed and ready to help.

More than any others - family members, doctors, friends or caregivers - Christina and Amy helped us navigate the preparation, birth and first few months of our lives with our new baby.
We now we consider them very special family friends.

In short, they are amazing."


“My husband and I always say that one of the best decisions we made during our birth process was working with Christina. She is incredible — a knowledgeable and intuitive advocate, a supportive and thoughtful partner in the birthing room, and a kind and caring champion for her clients.  We feel lucky everyday that we had her there for this big moment in our lives.”


"There is nothing more challenging than a newborn. We were balancing the needs of our new family member, his feeding and allergy issues, a very unpredictable schedule, and all while accompanied with months of sleep deprivation! I hit a rock when my second child was 5 months old and was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I cried for help and was referred to Christina who stepped in and brought sanity to our lives. I was finally able to sleep an uninterrupted 8 hours and knew our son was in excellent hands. She helped us put a plan in place for helping teach Miles to self-soothe and sleep.  She is the baby whisperer and we couldn’t have done it without she and Amy’s support. They are nurturing and supportive and truly listened to our needs and concerns. My husband and I are forever grateful to their expertise in getting us through a very rough period of time. I simply wish I had them on board much earlier in Miles life!"



Amy and Christina were referred to us as life savers for baby# 2’s arrival and they definitely held true to that! One would think we would be ready and experienced to welcome baby#2 since this was our second time around. In fact, we needed more help since we have an active toddler running around who wouldn’t have understood that Mommy and Daddy are tired. Amy and Christina entered our house each night with a calming presence ready to spend the night caring for our son. There are not many people I would trust to hand my newborn over to but I knew he was in good hands with them. They are caring, knowledgeable and accommodating to fit your family’s needs. I looked forward to each night they would arrive because they are knowledgeable and genuinely nice people. I would pick their brains on different items whether it was my own care, baby related or even helping our toddler adjust to the baby. I would have to force myself to say good night so I could go to bed. Each morning I woke feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Aside from the postpartum care we received, we enlisted Full Circle’s help when it was time to sleep train our at 4.5 months. I was returning to work and wanted to help teach Benjamin to sleep through the night. Amy spent 4 consecutive nights working with Benjamin to gently train him to self soothe. We are so grateful of the techniques so has taught us to help Benjamin sleep.

I recommend Amy and Christina to every person I know who is expecting. The care and support we received from them was amazing…almost enough to consider having another baby!


My husband David and I had our first baby in April 2015. Our baby boy Johnny came five weeks early and spent time in the NICU at Swedish Hospital. David travels a great deal for his job and had to be out of town for six weeks right after Johnny came home. I hired Christina and Amy to help me while David was away. They were godsends at a physically and emotionally overwhelming time! I do not know how I would have made it through those first few weeks without them. They were loving, calming, reassuring and experienced. Amy and Christina took excellent care of our preemie Johnny and helped me feel confident as a first time mom. I trusted them completely with Johnny. I love them and I can not imagine having another baby without them! I highly recommend Amy and Christina.


We truly could not have done it without Christina and Amy's incredible help. Our son spent four months in the NICU and we brought him home with a feeding tube. We were exhausted and our little guy was extremely fragile. They helped him get a great start at home and just as importantly, they taught us how to be great parents. Thanks, full Circle for all your help, expertise and flexibility. Hire them!



The postpartum support my family received from Christina and Amy during our son’s first 8 months was invaluable in many ways. My husband and I had a lot to learn and we relied heavily on their combined knowledge of infant development, basic care, sleep, and feeding as we were trying to come up to speed as new parents. When issues did arise with breastfeeding and sleep, we were never able to stump them and the depth of both Amy and Christina’s experience meant they never ran out of potential solutions. Having these two pros as a resource and a sounding board for our concerns helped us to build confidence in our own instincts. During the times that I did need to take a rest, it was a huge relief knowing that our baby was with someone we trusted 100%. They are also both lovely people and we were happy to have them with us in the house. Our family will definitely seek them out again for Baby #2, and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of support.


We first met Christina at a Doula information night when I was pregnant with our first daughter. She was very approachable and my husband and I both gravitated to her. She has a very warm, compassionate demeanor and really listened to what we wanted from our birth experience. We emailed and met several times in preparation for the birth. She translated our desires into a birth plan that was far more diplomatic than I could have achieved on my own. She asked a lot of questions of both of us to ensure that she knew how I felt about pain management, visitors, during and after the birth and what ways my husband expected to need support. She also offered great advice on how to recognize labor, what to eat when it started and what types of activities we should do to work through (wait out) the early stages.

Labor came and we both felt calm and prepared. Christina met us at the hospital and truly did an amazing job of reading what we needed and when. My husband's support was working very well and she stood on the sidelines coaching him for a good portion of active labor. We had a few instances where labor stalled and she stepped in at the perfect times with suggestions of position changes, massage, essential oils and many other tricks she had in her bag. She also expertly managed my mom, the nurses and our midwife. It was really amazing to me to see what an advocate she was for me while maintaining a great working relationship with the hospital staff. My midwife even asked me later for her contact information to share with her clients.

After the birth, Christina visited us at home to check in and talk through the first few days with our newborn. She gave us some very helpful tips and tricks for breastfeeding and extending nighttime sleep. She followed up a few weeks later with a beautiful write up of the birth. It was so touching to read the experience through her eyes and I cherish that document.

When we became pregnant with our second we immediately contacted Christina. Even though we had been through the experience before, we wanted Christina there. As no two births are the same, she once again was a tremendous support. I felt like our meetings were more strategic this time; we talked through what we would like to do differently. She was once again money well spent.

I am so grateful that Christina was present and supporting us through the med-free births of both of our daughters!



"I'm a yoga teacher & own my own studio. My husband also runs a business. We've got 2 awesome tiny girls, an almost 2 year old & and almost 5 year old. We reached out to Amy & Christina after the birth of our 1st daughter. I'd had an extremely challenging delivery & was battling postpartum depression. Our girl was extremely colicky with severe infant reflux & it wasn't unusual for her to scream for 5-7 hours straight a night. I was delirious, overwhelmed & at the end of my rope. The effects of sleep deprivation landed me in the ER. From the first time I connected with them, I knew I was in good hands. They were supportive, compassionate & knowledgeable. Besides helping me get some much needed sleep, they pointed me towards resources to help me cope with my depression. They were also so patient & loving to my screaming daughter. To know & trust that my daughter was in such steady & compassionate hands allowed me to get the rest I so sorely needed.  It's not overstating to say they helped save my life.

When I had my 2nd, even though things went more smoothly, we reached out right away. The sleep was priceless while I was healing from delivery. And when our youngest was up throughout the night, we reached out for some help sleep training her. They were incredible! We were opposed to letting her cry it out & it was inspiring watching them teach her how to fall asleep on her own. It's been over a year & she still sleeps like a champ. When I think back to the first few years with my girls, I immediately think of Amy & Christina and am filled with gratitude. They were teachers & friends during the toughest time of my life. I really don't know what we would have done without them!"

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